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AMN425 Digital Strategy and Analysis

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AMN425 Digital Strategy and Analysis

1. Explain why the report is important to addressing the objectives (one or two sentences are sufficient)

2. What is the purpose of the report? 
(e.g., The ______ report displays______ which tells us _______ about Objective _________)

3. This justification is very important, as the purpose of the assessment is not just to be able to run reports, but to be able to understand what they contribute and where they are most useful.

4. Explain to the client what the report shows is happening with their website (e.g., Of the 222,204 sessions that occurred on the website, 18% of those view a product but only 6% add an item to the cart). Explain what the report means for the client. 

5. For example, it is not enough to state that paid search provides little user traffic to the site. You need to explain what that means. Is it good or poor performance? Why is it important?
Include both the positive and the negative potential interpretations if appropriate.
Support your interpretation using industry or academic references where appropriate.
Focus on the findings that are the most critical to your objectives, as you will be using these as a basis for your recommendations in the next section.

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