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AMN425 Digital Strategy And Analytics

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AMN425 Digital Strategy and Analytics

You are the Marketing Director in Samsung, who is reviewing digital marketing proposals from a markting consultancy Blueprint. This is provided in a separate document. It is the first draft of the proposed strategy and they are seeking your opinion before they refine it further. Overall, you have two objectives: 
1)Drive purchase intent for the Galaxy A. 
2)Drive brand favourability for Samsung. 
You need to evaluate the proposed strategy and provide feedback to Blueprint about whether or not you would implement the strategy as it is, and to highlight any areas where you require further information or have suggestions for improvement. 
This critique should be structured in the following way:
You should summarise the strategy and the purpose of this critique
Feedback on the Digital Strategy 
In this section, you should analyse the strategy proposed by Blueprint, including:
i.the strategy itself
ii.the data underpinning the strategy
iii.any ethical considerations
You should use the theories and frameworks covered in class to inform your evaluation. You can use additional theories and frameworks from the academic literature to add depth to your analysis.
Your analysis should be supported by both academic and industry sources. 
In this section, you should outline whether or not you would implement the digital strategy proposed by Blueprint (or a variation of the digital strategy proposed). 
You can highlight any changes to the proposed strategy that you recommend based on your evaluation.
You can highlight any need for further information or clarification from Blueprint. That is, if there are areas where you require additional information in order to make an informed decision about whether or not to implement the strategy. 
There should be a clear link between your analysis and your proposed change(s)/recommendation(s). That is, your change(s)/recommendation(s) should be justified by your evaluation.

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