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Australian Retail Sector

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Australian Retail Sector



Amazon comes to Australia In April 2017 the American online retail giant Amazon announced it would be entering the Australian market as a physical presence. It had started the search for warehouse space. The announcement has caused excitement and alarm in the Australian retail sector as shoppers and retailers contemplate what the future holds. To complete this assessment, you will have to research and report on: What are the views put forward in support of Amazon coming to Australia? No doubt there are many who are welcoming the prospect of lower prices, more choices and more competition. After all, isn’t that what the capitalist system is all about? What are the views against Amazon coming to Australia? Amazon is often called the “country killer” because it has been destructive of the national retailing sector in small economies. This has been noted by retailers and shopping centres alike in Australia (for example Brook 2017). There have also been calls for federal government intervention to mediate the impact of Amazon’s entry into the Australian market (for example Butterly 2017). Your assignment will proceed in three parts: Part A (1,000 words, 10 marks) Report on the views for and against allowing Amazon to operate as a physical presence in the Australian retail sector (remember that Amazon can and does already operate in Australia via its online presence, through which it pays no taxes and keeps no profit in Australia). Keep in mind that this is not just a “yes/no” issue. There are many who say that Amazon should enter Australia, but with additional government intervention. Part B (1,000 words, 15 marks) Using the research you have done in Part A, analyse these views (both for and against) in terms of appropriate theories of ethics presented in Modules 2 and 3 of this unit. You may select up to three different theories to use, or just one (if you think it is sufficiently powerful enough). For example, could the “invisible hand” argument explain the calls for greater government intervention into Amazon’s activities in Australia? Part C (500 words, 5 marks) Reflect on your own personal attitude towards the arrival of Amazon in Australia. Explain the reasons why you think it is a good thing or a bad thing (or something in between). Now explain why you believe that using one of the theories of ethics presented in Modules 2 and 3 of this unit. Report structure Your report should follow the following basic structure (you can add to these headings, and certainly add more subheadings within the body of the report).

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