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B81PI Professional And Industrial Studies

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B81PI Professional and Industrial Studies

A  business  case  report  is  typically  a  short,  concise  report  that  presents  an  analysis  of  a problem(s) and issue(s) facing a particular organisation, with recommendations of a plan of  action and justification of that plan. to persuade an audience that your recommendations are feasible, desirable and the best available for the issue at hand. Audience: A business case report is typically for senior management or leaders who are seeking recommendations for a way forward.For  the  purpose  of  this  assignment,  the  problem  or  issue  is  a  ‘Grand  Challenge’  and  the organisation may be viewed more as society-at-large rather than a specific company, group  etc. Per the formal guidance, the main body of the report should be a maximum 2,000 words. 
Preparing a business case report requires different skills and understanding to be demonstrated. These are summarised below: 
1. Structure the written report 
• Background information is relevant. 
• Issues are logically ordered. 
• Recommendations clearly relate to the issues. 
2. Identify the main issues 
• Key issues are identified Inter-relationships are clear. 
• A full grasp of the situation is shown. 
3. Analyse the issues 
• Each issue is discussed using relevant concepts and principles. 
• Insight is shown in analysing the information. 
4. Discuss alternatives 
• Possible solutions are considered and the most suitable one(s) chosen. 
5. Support your recommendations 
• Recommendations are consistent with situation, well-supported and practicable. 
6. Write clearly and concisely 
• Arguments are explicit and succinct. 
• Appropriate headings are used. 
• Grammar and spelling are accurate.
1. Cover page 
• Report title, group number, students’ names, course code and name, date, word count. 
2. Executive summary 
• A separate page headed ‘Executive Summary’; maximum 300 words in length. 
• State the purpose of report, summarise key issues and recommendations to address them. 
3. Introduction 
• Give brief background to case to frame current issues. 
• Purpose of report. 
• Scope of report. 
4. Issues 
• Use theory and course concepts to: identify main issues, prioritise choices, justify and prioritise issues chosen. 
5. Analysis 
• Use theory and course concepts to: explain the issues in more depth and comment on implications of the issues. 
6. Possible solutions 
• Consider all viable short term and long-term alternatives to solve each issue. 
• Examine the advantages and disadvantages of each alternative. 
7. Recommendations and Implementation 
• Select most viable alternative(s). 
• Justify with relevant support from analysis (no new ideas). 
• Explain  future  work,  resources  required,  time  frame  and  monitoring  processes  etc. required for the recommendation(s) to be put into practice.
10. Language and Style 
• Business case reports should be written in appropriate business/professional language so that  your analysis and  discussion have  an objective  tone.  Your  writing  should  be  clear and concise, and be in your own words. Use headings to guide the reader and 
include tables or diagrams that make the case clearer.

Groups should aim to work on the following points:
–Determine the current state of the technology and/or industry.
•Intellectual property should be reviewed as part of this.
–Define the project or available opportunity.
–Agree what ‘success’ looks like.
•What is the vision for when the project is up and running and how will it be measured?
–Agree what drives the ‘value’ of the project.
•Groups should aim to work on the following points:
–Define the boundaries of the project.
•You can’t do everything, so what is realistic?
–Who are your stakeholders?
•Who can influence the project and by how much?
–What are the key risks and uncertainties?
•And how would you aim to resolve or mitigate them?
–What are the possible (innovative) 

•Groups should prepare a short pitch-style presentation:
–3 minutes maximum.
–3 slides maximum.
–Only one, at most two, member(s) of the group to present.
•Presentation should cover initial review of the challenge and the Group’s early thoughts on tackling it.
•Presentations should be recorded and uploaded to Stream.
–This can be done directly on Stream, or as a voiceover on PowerPoint.

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