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BIZ101A Business Communications

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BIZ101A Business Communications

Report writing is an important academic and business skill; and you will develop your ability to outline the types of information, sections and layout included in professional reports. Researching credible and reliable sources relates to the ability to develop new business ideas and concepts for creating different perspectives on organizational change. For this task, you will not only present your ideas in a report format but to evaluate a range of resources, both academic and non-academic for your chosen
Choose one of the topics below for your assignments 2A, 2B and 3 to fix the organisation’s communication issues:
A. Using Social Media in the workplace to communicate internally with staff
B. Boosting workplace motivation through innovative digital communication tools
C. Implementing instant messaging/group messaging, discussion forums and chatrooms in the workplace
D. Podcasts, internal blogs/vlogs to communicate with employees or
E. Using an internal intranet/social Intranet for employee interaction. 
Demonstrate academic skills appropriate to the level of study.Demonstrate research skills and referencing appropriate to the
level of study. Evaluate the use and importance of technology in presenting business communication.

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