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Blood Pressure Control Programs for the Elderly

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Blood Pressure Control Programs for the Elderly

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Subject: Geriatrics

Analyzing the issue of high blood pressure, first, I would like to note that the most vulnerable population is the elderly. Some incentives and interventions aimed at addressing the needs of people aged 75 and older persons exist. However, some of them may be improved. Williamson et al. (2016) explore the effectiveness of an intensive blood pressure control program as compared to the standard approach. It is found that intensive intervention is more effective and is associated with better patient health outcomes.

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I would also like to mention that different algorithms used in hypertension control are employed. Different approaches to control also have specific effects on health-related statistics and public health outcomes (Go et al., 2013). According to Go et al. (2013), some of the essential aspects of effective assessment and control include the increase in patients’ and healthcare provider’s awareness, the clarification of healthcare professionals’ roles and responsibilities, the identification of eligible patients, and the like. Finally, it is possible to use frameworks and paradigms developed in other countries. For instance, it can be beneficial to create an initiative similar to the Canadian Hypertension Education Program. This program involves a detailed review of the literature available on the health issue in question and a set of recommendations on ways to address the gaps and improve the healthcare system (Daskalopoulou et al., 2015). The CDC can become the platform for the development of such recommendations and the implementation of this evaluation. References Daskalopoulou, S., Rabi, D., Zarnke, K., Dasgupta, K., Nerenberg, K., Cloutier, L. … Padwal, R. (2015). The 2015 Canadian hypertension education program recommendations for blood pressure measurement, diagnosis, assessment of risk, prevention, and treatment of hypertension. Canadian Journal of Cardiology, 31(5), 549-568. Go, A., Bauman, M., Coleman King, S., Fonarow, G., Lawrence, W., Williams, K., & Sanchez, E. (2013). An effective approach to high blood pressure control. Hypertension, 63(4), 878-885. Williamson, J., Supiano, M., Applegate, W., Berlowitz, D., Campbell, R., & Chertow, G., … Pajewski, N. (2016). Intensive vs standard blood pressure control and cardiovascular disease outcomes in adults aged ≥75 years. JAMA, 315(24). Web.

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