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BMGT8019 Business Dissertation Specialization Literature

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BMGT8019 Business Dissertation Specialization Literature



Strategic Recommendations
Once you have an idea of where an organization is currently positioned, you can start building a vision for the future and make strategic recommendations to get the organization there. This assignment provides an opportunity to evaluate strategic analysis tools and apply them to create specific strategic recommendations that create and sustain success for your chosen organization. Building from your Current Strategy Evaluation, complete the following:
1. Critically evaluate strategic analysis tools and the theories upon which they are built. Examples include Porter’s Five Forces Analysis, PEST Analysis, and Balanced Scorecard tools. Use multiple scholarly sources to analyze each tool you will apply.
2. Apply one or more of these tools to your chosen organization in order to generate specific recommendations. In this case the chosen organization is tesla incorporation
3. Recommend specific improvements or justify your organization’s current strategy using the tools you selected. Include one or two of the following aspects of the strategy, as applicable:

Talent development.
Quality assurance.
Competitive advantages.

4. Evaluate the role of diversification in your strategic recommendations and how it may or may not build a competitive advantage for your organization.
5. Evaluate the available technologies for organizational learning and knowledge management in the organization and integrate their application into your strategic recommendations.
6. Evaluate the role of risk and uncertainty in the application of strategic analysis tools and the formulation of your strategic recommendations. Please note: The purpose of strategic analysis tools is to reduce, mitigate, or control for risk and uncertainty; this question is not about the risk or uncertainty of applying the tools, but about how risk and uncertainty effect the strategic recommendation.
7. Describe how the strategic vision for the organization provides the context for your specific strategy recommendations.
8. Evaluate scholarly research on strategy formulation that you used in preparation for this part of the assignment.

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