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BMIH4003 Management

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BMIH4003 Management



An understanding of the role and importance of hospitality and guest services within the Hotel Industry will be discussed within a 10-minute individual presentation. Within your presentation you will need to consider and include the services that are provided to guests which promote their quality of stay. This will also need to include discussion of the skills that are required by team members to ensure that the services are delivered to a high standard, as always meeting with guest expectations relating to new consumer trends. You will need to include consideration of current post pandemic guidance, to include –   How are properties carrying out the meet and greet of customers currently?  Are all of their pre pandemic services fully operational?  How do you think guest expectations could be managed within this post pandemic environment? (consider, guest experience, safety, confidence/relationship building for returning guests)  Review current literature, journals and websites as well as news feeds, to discuss your understanding of what is going on currently in a very uncertain phase. Industry examples should be referred to throughout your presentation, think of the case studies that have been discussed within lectures, and those that you will source to support your content.

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