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BMO 6624 Organisation Change Management

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BMO 6624 Organisation Change Management



Change managers need to be change agents and this exercise sets out a typical role for change management driving and enabling transformational change in an organisation. Students practically apply learnings from the unit ineither their own organisation setting or an alternate case study. There is a focus on developing an actionable planand approach, which requires analytical depth and a pragmatic view of what will work in the organisation.
Critically review the processes of organisational change & development and their implications for managers incontemporary and emerging organisations Investigate, diagnose, interpret and assess various change & development theories and models as techniques to achieve socially responsible and culturally relevant solutions.
Propose a comprehensive change management strategy and plan for an organisation in transition thataddresses multiple organisational levels and demonstrates a balance between individual and public good Clarity of writing, style, structure, presentation, expression.
Describe the current state and desired state of the organisation Set out the key characteristics and context for the organisation and why a transformation is required Set out complications, using frameworks covered in weeks 1-4 to make observations and issues transparent.Define the change strategy and approach, and expected outcomes:Explicate the main features of the organisational change management strategy and approach Justify why organisational change management is needed to achieve success Outline the change management plan: Walk through the change management plan, including high level activities and milestones.

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