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BN2279 The Professional Manager

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BN2279 The Professional Manager

Task Details/Description:

An individual report including your:

· Identification of career direction and contingencies with reference to specific job roles and companies targeted.

· Self-assessment of your own competencies (using online tools and seminar activities and historic academic performance etc.)

· Create a career development plan including reference to specific requirements for a chosen job role.

· Provide evidence of career development activities (Enrolment on Aston futures workshops attended, job applied for, interviews attended) along with other evidence of placement/graduate job search.

· Reflection upon Teamwork and Presentation seminar activities within the module

Module Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1. Apply various models of competency to themselves to formulate self-development plans.

2. Explain the importance of integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, competence and due care to professional behaviour.

3. Articulate how they could contribute to the success of a business or enterprise.

4. Be able to assess their collaborative behaviour and the contributions they make to group tasks

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