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BPD3100 Applied Business Challenge

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BPD3100 Applied Business Challenge

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BPD3100 Applied Business Challenge

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Course Code: BPD3100
University: Victoria University

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Country: Australia


These are the values that I personally regard as the most influential in my life choices and helped me to do well in the bachelor’s degree.
Always do whatever is right. This is the nature of being making best decision at perfect time and behaving honestly & ethically.
Continuously learning new abilities, ideas and practices never repeating the older mistakes. Continuously keep on learning is one off the most important aspect for a successful life and it leads to more fulfilling and healthier life. (Margart Bourke-white)
Respecting other’s thought, belief and experience builds trusted and strong relationships.Being responsible for own actions and accepting all the mistakes. It makes us more answerable.”Be the best”. I always challenge my thinking and look for innovative and creative ways to tackle the tasks.
Consideration of values is very crucial for the career management because it plays a Vitol role for a successful career. Values guide our actions and attitude towards specific situations. It is believed that by determining the core values, an individual will find the suitable job easily to achieve his goals which maybe his/her life goals or the career ones (Peterkin, 2014). In addition, According to Kopanisdis and Shaw (2013). Students with personal values are more likely to make best and correct decisions in their life and career.
I am planning to pursue the System Analyst field after the completion of undergraduate degree. I have developed numerous hard skills during study which will be useful in the further career-

Risk planning and mitigation: The risk analysis and proper planning will help me in minimizing the risk at my workplace for the potential client.
Programming skills: These skills are necessary for developing the new system and the applications for the company.
SQL: Structured Query Language is used to make the dealing of large amount of data easy by using queries and codes.
Problem solving skills: These are the one of the most important skills required in my career as it makes one to minimize or solve the problem by addressing the possible solution.
Researching skills: Researching skills are very important in market surveying and to know more about the latest developments in the market.

Capability Audit
Communication skills are one of the most important skills which every employer wants in their employees for an effective communication. According to (H, 2000), ‘Individuals who have effective communication skills is seen by employers as an indicator of potential successes’. After studying in the university and working with various organisations, I have learnt interpersonal skills and communicating effectively with customers, management and other team members. According to the Boyle (Boyle, et al., 2014) In most of companies, communication skills are prioritized over the managerial skills as most of the employers see it as a key for the message delivery and suggests that everyone should enhance their communication skills at the very beginning of their career.
During my role as the Store Manager at Domino’s I had to maintain a lot of documents. During the job I was also required to attend all the meeting regarding any operational changes. I had to manage the team of 11 workers who had different tasks. Additionally, I was also responsible for making the rosters and ensuring the effective and efficient work of the workers. I improved my organisational and administrative skills in this job. Chen (Chen, et al., 2015)  describes these skills as the main pillars of a successful business. This role also helped me to improve me leadership skills.
During the undergraduate degree it is the requirements of various units like integrated business challenge, international business challenge to work as a part of the team. These units are known as professional development units, where I have learnt numerous skills such as Team work, problem solving and so on. It was the requirement to work as a part of the team and I was also appointed as the team leader where I accomplished many tasks, group activities and was responsible for managing the meetings and ensuring the quality of work. I was also responsible for assigning the tasks to the team members depending upon their abilities and skills. Also, making the meeting schedules and ensuring quality standards was one of the requirement.
Besides, I also undertook project management and information systems project units at the university. In these units I learnt the project management tools and the management of a project. In the IS project unit, we learnt a lot about the projects – making project outline, reports, risk analysis, PID, making Schedules and many more. As the project manager and group leader for IS project unit I enhanced my skills in managing projects. Consequently, I received high distinction grades in the project management units which reflects upon my project management skills.  (Will, 2012) states that to be a successful project manager it is crucial to be accountable, trustworthy and responsible person.
Well-developed customer service skills are one of the most important skills that that employers look in the employees. These are necessary for getting success in my career because a system analyst has to deal directly with the clients and customers. I have developed these skills in my current job, working as a security officer in the Westfield my responsibilities are to Proactively engage with customers with-in a retail store environment and provide high quality frontline customer service and support. Also, duties like risk resolution and reporting and directly communicating with supervisors or emergency services – Police/ Ambulance reflects my improved customer service skills.
The skill that I think that I need to develop further is the communication skills. Although, I have really improved my verbal and written communication skills. But, I think I need more improvement particularly in verbal skills. As excellent communication skills are key to a successful career.
Without excellent communication skills it is not possible to pass in the interviews by the companies. I think by the time I would finish the graduation I will make it better. Also, I have the plans to do the professional year program after completing the graduation which will definitely help to enhance the written as well as verbal communication skills. The professional year program not only focus on improvement in skills but also helps in preparing for the interviews, Curriculum vitae etc. So, joining the program will not only improve my skills but also make me job ready for a successful career.
Graduate Elevator Pitch
Job:  System Analyst
My name is Ravinder Singh and I am 21 this year. I am Currently Pursuing Bachelors of Business (Information Systems Management) from Victoria University, Sydney. I will be completing my degree studies in July this year.
My career aspiration is to be a successful Project Manager/System Analyst. Besides that, my dream goal is to excel and take pride in my future professional career and can travel while working.
By working hard in pursuing my career goals, I feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. As I like to work in groups, interact and meet people, my internship with Inspire, certificate iv and diploma from ZBA had given me the best learning ground to build up my professional career as System Analyst, grow as an individual, enhanced my interpersonal and problem-solving skills. I also learned about the industry further and am better prepared for the corporate world.
Personally, I have very good leadership and communication skills. I always take the initiative to do the challenges and believe in myself. I believe that if your desire to achieve your aim and keep on try then nothing is impossible for you.
In my study in the university I have received D’s and HD’s in all the units which shows I have accomplished all the required skills from the university and I am hard worker and focused towards my duty. If I get selected for the position I would use my experience and knowledge to add value to the company and clients.


Contemplating these values is very important in career management and it’s a very crucial role for a better career. These morals directs people’s actions and approaches to a certain situations. It is noted that by defining these core values one would be able to find a suitable task which would enable them achieve their life or career goals. (Peterkin, 2014) moreover, According to Kopanisdis and Shaw (2013). Students who mostly make wise decisions in their life and career are ones which have strong personal values.
The following are the skills which one can develop during study which can enable them further their career. For example if one plans to take the system analyst study after completing their undergraduate degree.

Risk planning and mitigation: This skill would help in proper planning and also help in reducing risks at work for the potential customers.
Programming skills: These skills are important because it helps in innovating new systems and applications for the industry.
SQL: Structured Query Language skill is necessary because it makes work especially that of large amounts easier by using queries and codes.
Problem solving skills: These are skills which are very important in ones career because they help in reducing or solving problems by coming up with possible solutions.
Researching skills. These skills helps in research work and helps one know about the newest technology in the market. 

Capability Audit
Communication skills communication skills are very necessary in an organisation and it’s the most concern to every managers for all employees to have this skill. According to (H, 2000), employees with effective communication skill are termed as the important tools who can be a success to the organisation. One can learn good interpersonal skills and how to interact well with customers, managers and fellow employees through either learning in university or working with many organisations. According to the Boyle (Boyle, et al., 2014) communication skills is seen more important than managerial skill in many companies because most employers see it as the effective channel for proper delivery of messages and therefore advises every employee to enhance the skill at the start of their career.
While working at the Dominos I had to keep a lot of documents because that was one of the store manager’s role. During the work I was also supposed to present myself to all meetings concerning operational changes.  My tasks also involved attending to 11 employees with different roles and responsibilities. In addition, I was supposed to make duty rosters and ensure that all workers deliver effective and efficient work. These tasks helped me in improving my organisational and administrative skills. According to Chen (Chen, et al., 2015) these skills are termed as the most important in the success of any business. During this job I was also able to improve my leadership skills.
It is a requirement of several units in undergraduate degree like international and integrated business challenge to always work as a team in any organisation. These units which are mostly referred as professional development have helped me in learning many things such as team work, problem solving and many more. One of the requirement was teamwork where people were encouraged to work together and that made me being selected as a team leader where I performed so many tasks such as grouping activities and also ensuring all meetings are conducted well and all workers delivered quality work. In addition, I was also had a responsibility of assigning work to the team workers according to their abilities and skills. However, planning for meeting and making sure that quality standards were met was also another requirement.
Moreover, I also pursued other essential things such as management, as well as information systems disciplines at the university. Through these courses I understand various things including project management tools and as well as the best tactics which a manager can use to manage projects.  In this information system project unit, we covered different things concerning projects, such as how to come up with creating project outline and reports, how to analyse risk, PID, coming up with proper Schedules and many more. Playing the role of a project manager and also a team leader for information system project unit, I learned various things that enabled me to enhance my skills in managing projects. Thus, I managed to attained outstanding grades in these.  (Will, 2012)  Argues that for one to become a good project manager he or she should be accountable, responsible and a trustworthy person.
Additionally, the ability to portray outstanding customer service skills are also some of the most crucial skills that employers look in all workers. These are very important for a successful career since a system analyst deals directly with the clients and customers. My current job as a security officer in the Westfield has helped me develop these skills since my tasks included engaging directly with the customers in a retail store and also providing support and high quality frontline customer care services. Moreover, some of the jobs such risk resolution, working closely with supervisors and people who provide emergency services such as police, and Ambulance helped me to enhance my customer service skills.
Communication skills are ones which I should develop further. Though I have indeed enhanced my verbal and written communication skills, I also need an extra improvement more so in verbal skills. This is because excellent communication skills are the key factors to effective career life.  It is also difficult for one to pass on interviews in most companies due to lack of effective communication skills.my hope is that I would do even better by the time I will be completing my graduation.
Additionally, I am planning to pursue the professional year program on completion of my graduation so that I can be able to enhance my writing and verbal communication skills. The professional year program plays a key role in assisting people to know what to do during interviews, how to prepare Curriculum vitae and many more. Thus, enrolling the program will be crucial in making me to understand the tactics I can use to stand out during this competitive job industry.
Graduate Elevator Pitch
Job:  System Analyst
I am Ravinder Singh, 21 years old. I am a student at Victoria University, Sydney currently undertaking Bachelors of Business. My specialization is Information Systems Management and I will complete it July this year.
Upon completion of this course, I aspire to pursue a successful career in the field of Project Manager or System Analyst. Besides that, I would like to prosper in my career, and be able to travel while undertaking my job responsibilities.
Through hard work, I always feel that it is possible to attain the sense of fulfilment and accomplishment. As I like to socialize and work in teams, my internship with Inspire, certificate iv and diploma from ZBA assisted me in various ways such as provided me with the opportunity to enhance my career as System Analyst and also helped me to improve my interpersonal and problem-solving skills. I also had a chance to have a proper understanding of the industry and currently I am prepared for the job industry.
Over the years, I have realized that I have outstanding leadership and communication skills and I can therefore lead exceptionally. I always trust that I can overcome challenges and barriers that hinder my success through being optimistic in whatever I do. I believe that if with goals and means of attaining them, one can succeed even in the things that seem impossible.
Throughout my life in the university I have indicated outstanding performance through scoring D’s and HD’s, an indication that I am equipped with proper knowledge and skills. This performance also implies that I work hard and remain focused towards attaining positive outcome in whatever I do. If I am considered for this chance, I will discharge my duties as expected, work beyond expectations and use my knowledge and skills to add value to the company and its stakeholders.

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