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BSBREL401 Establish networks

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BSBREL401 Establish networks



1. Review the simulated business documentation, including policies and procedures for CoffeeVille in the Assessment Task Appendices. 2. Review the scenario information below: Scenario You are a sales and customer relationship officer at the CoffeeVille East Melbourne Store. You are responsible for building client relationships in the groups (organisations and business catering) consumer segment. Consider the following information:  Your delegation limit for discounting is 5% or $500 for transactions. All agreements such as ongoing discounts over 5%, strategic partnership arrangements such as joint marketing or exclusivity arrangements should be noted in writing and signed by person with appropriate delegationSeveral clients have contacted you to set up meeting to discuss a range of issues and proposals:  You know that one client (from Australian Hardware Melbourne Office) would like to negotiate a discount of 15% on catering costs. Your manager has initiated a firm policy of only giving a maximum of 10% discounts. The discounts policy is in place to ensure CoffeeVille remains profitable (Coffeeville operates on very narrow cost margins) and to allow it to source Fair Trade and environmentally friendly, organic produce.  You know that another client (from Melbourne Car World) is interested in setting up a strategic partnership with CoffeeVille in which they would offer a discount to their employees on coffee. The obvious benefit to CoffeeVille is the promotion and increased business from Car World employees. On the other hand, there is a risk of this benefit being diluted if Car World enters into similar arrangements with competitors. Your manager has determined that any such partnership needs to be exclusive. Your manager has agreed in advance to throw in a 10% maximum discount on both coffee and food.  A number of clients have expressed concern about the privacy policy of CoffeeVille. They are worried that their information may be used without their consent. You may need to inform them of CoffeeVille’s policy details.  You will need to meet one of these clients or potential strategic partners to negotiate an agreement to maintain an ongoing, positive and mutually beneficial business relationship.  In order to build trust with clients and gain their confidence, you should level with the clients concerning issues of concern to them, for example:Explain privacy policy  Explain discounts policy and general reasons behind it  Explain policy on exclusivity from CoffeeVille’s point of view.  You will need to follow all Coffeeville policies and procedures, including for client management.  You may need to cater to a range of clients with diverse characteristics and/or disabilities.

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