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BSBSUS411 Implement And Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices

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BSBSUS411 Implement and Monitor Environmentally Sustainable Work Practices




You are required to participate in a role-play where you will meet with Catalyst Clothing’s Mrs Knightly (Owner/CEO) as well as James Davis (Business Development Manager) and Darius Peterson (Purchasing Manager).
In order to successfully complete this task, you must undertake the following steps:

1. Review your Research and Planning Questions Templateas retained from Assessment Task 2. Then prepare a presentation on the following areas as per your action plan:

three recommended efficiency targets
a minimum of three workplace practices to be implemented to achieve the above targets
proposed methods of monitoring outcomes for each of the above targets
two change management techniques to support the integration of targets and sustainable work performance.

Ensure that your oral communication during the presentation is suitable for your audience. For example: well-structured/informative.
You may use visual aids such as a laptop, PowerPoint or handouts to support your presentation. Your presentation is to be no longer than five to ten minutes as there will be consultation/collaboration after the presentation is complete.
Note that you will be able to use research conducted during Assessment Task 2 in order to prepare your presentation as the presentation is focused on the Planning (action plan) Section Questions. However, you must take time to research the topic of change management, as you must cover this area during your presentation. Be sure to recommend at least two change management techniques which can be used to support the integration of targets and sustainable work performance. You must explain your selected methods and how they can be integrated at Catalyst Clothing. For example, Kotter’s 8-step change model.
2. Think about the types of listening and questioning skills you will utilise during the presentation and meeting/collaboration in order to show support, elicit views, clarify points or confirm understanding. Select a minimum of three such techniques to implement during the role-play – for example, active listening and positive body language.
3. Also, think about how you will receive feedback and how you will integrate it into practices. Select at least two methods you will use to receive and implement feedback during the role-play – for example, verbally acknowledging feedback.
4. Consider suitable business conventions and protocols when communicating. Select a minimum of three such conventions and protocols – for example, use of business titles and a polite manner.
5. During the role-play/meeting participants will ask you verbal questions about your recommendations and sustainable work practices. They will also provide you with feedback, so be sure to have a pen and paper ready to scribe notes.
You must familiarise yourself with the following question topics:

tools and resources used to set targets
integration of targets into day-to-day work practices
activities to measure current resource usage
generating ideas for sustainability improvements
costing approaches/strategies.

6. Ensure you spend time prior to the role-play practising your presentation and selected communication techniques.
7. Participate in the role-play. You will play the role of Ralph Vine (Sustainability Expert), and your assessor will play the role of Mrs Knightly (Owner/CEO). Fellow students will play the roles of James Davis (Business Development Manager) and Darius Peterson (Purchasing Manager). You must present to the group and work in a collaborative manner to seek group input and provide support.
8. Compose an email to Gavin Stead, Managing Director (assessor) providing a summary of the meeting, the support offered, and outcomes reached. You must use appropriate business conventions and protocols (business-like manner and suitable language). Use the email template provided on the CBSA intranet for this purpose and include:

a brief description summarising the purpose of the email
a brief recount of the meeting
any amendments to targets or work practices, i.e. based on feedback given and scribed
indication of support
outcomes reached
your name and position title.

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