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BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policies And Procedures For Sustainability

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BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policies and Procedures For Sustainability

Outline the scope of your policy. This should include:
• Which parts of the organisation the policy applies to
• How the policy aligns with organisational goals and objectives
•  The commitments the organisation is making in regards to sustainability

Part B – Consultation Plan

Prepare a plan explaining which stakeholders you will consult with to develop and implement your policy and how this consultation will occur. 

Part C – Strategies

Provide details of the specific environmental strategies that will be used. This should include:
•  How you will minimise resource use and improving resource efficiency
•  How you will reduce toxic material and hazardous chemical use
•  What life cycle management approaches you will use
•  What continuous improvement strategies will be in place

Part E – Performance Indicators

Develop at least five performance indicators for your policy. Look closely at the mission and vision statements and sustainability requirements to assist you. 

Part F – Resource Efficiency Procedure

Construct a procedure that supports your policy for continuously improving resource efficiency. Your procedure should explain the step-by-step process to be followed. This should include:
• How resource efficiency targets are set
•  How strategies to improve resource efficiency are implemented
•  How you will monitor and evaluate the success of the strategies
•  Specific roles and responsibilities

Part G – Consultation
You conducted a consultation meeting with Caroline Materson the Corporate Manager at IAJ. IAJ does not currently have a sustainability policy that applies to its corporate office environment. 

List the key discussion points of the new sustainability policy and specific roles and responsibilities along with any appropriate suggestions.  
Part H – Monitoring and evaluation

An audit will take place and you had to plan for the audit and review process of the organisation’s document standards. The audit will seek to measure the extent to which the targets or performance indicators are being met. It should also identify any opportunities for improvement. 
The audit process is to be conducted in collaboration and consultation of key stakeholders.

Start by developing your audit questions. These are the questions that you hope your review will answer. The questions should be relevant to the document performance indictors you set. The following are some examples of audit questions:
• Has the target been met?
• What prevented the targets from being met?
• Are employees aware of the requirements?
• Are procedures being followed?
• Have record keeping processes been followed?

Part I – Evaluation report

Prepare a report for management explaining the outcomes of the policy. Also include in what changes you will make to the policy as a result of your findings. 

Part J – Recording systems

Explain how you will store and maintain records relating to the policy and who is responsible for this.

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