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BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability

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BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability

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BSBSUS501 Develop Workplace Policy And Procedures For Sustainability

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Course Code: BSBSUS501
University: Swinburne University Of Technology

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Country: Malaysia

1. Review the case study information provided and determine all legislative and regulatory documents that describe compliance requirements for this company.2. Research best practice models used by theatres and performance spaces. 3. Develop more than one options for the direction and focus of the policy and consider the likely effectiveness, timeframe and cost of implementing the option. Write summaries of each option to present in your consultation with the Business Manager (your assessor).4. Meet with the Business Manager (your assessor) to consult on the policy options and decide on the preferred option.5. Draft a sustainability policy for Tiny Opera Company based on your research, the company information provided and your consultation session. Ensure that you:a. specify the scope of the policy (who it applies to, relevant standards and legislation)b. outline Tiny Opera Company’s commitment to the policyc. address areas of sustainability that Tiny Opera Company specifically wants to focus on.6. Meet with Business Manager (your assessor) to discuss:a. typical barriers to sustainability policy implementation and possible strategies to address barriersb. the process you are taking to develop the policyc. the draft policy and gain approval for your draft.7. Update your draft policy according to agreements that you made in consultation with the Business Manager.8. Collate your gathered information and the sustainability policy you have developed into a short report that includes:a. an outline of the environmental and sustainability legislation that applies to Tiny Opera Companyb. an explanation of sustainability policy you developed that reflects Tiny Opera Company’s commitment to sustainabilityc. strategies for promoting awareness of the sustainability policyd. strategies for maximising the impact of the policy (training, marketing, stakeholder engagement).9. Submit the report, and the final version of the sustainability policy, to your assessor. Ensure you keep copies for your records 
The Coffeeville is the supplier of the high quality blends of coffee and is considered as one of the developing coffeehouses in Melbourne. The company specializes in the production of high-grade coffee and the hot and cold gourmets. Owned and managed by Emma and Rufus, the firm expanded ever since the inception in the year 2009 (Crane and Matten 2016). The services offered by the firm are based on the customer-oriented approach. The firm maintains a properly trained workforce that helps in enhancing the functions undertaken by the organization. The firm did expand its business since its inception; however, the firm is facing issues relating to its sustenance in the recent years due to the increase in the cost of the functions undertaken by the firm. The proper planning and functioning of the workforce in an integrated manner has facilitated the progress of the business firm.
Situation of the company
Market situation
The market situation of the company depends on the demand that the products manufactured and prepared by the company faces based on the requirements of the people. the expansion of the concerned company determines the progress made by the company in the market based on the requirements of the consumers. On the other hand, the concerned company anticipates a turnover of around $230,000, which is an improvement of about 15% on the profit figure at its inception (Sheth and Sisodia 2015).  The vision of the company is to establish themselves in the market as a premier gourmet provider in Melbourne. The company has already expanded the business through four outlets, which helps in the exposure of the company to the target consumers. The company is taking steps in improving the situation of the company in the market through the undertaking of the training programs, which helps in enhancing the skills of the workforce. The business unit faces competition in the market, but the concerned company enjoys a competitive advantage relating to the quality of the food and services that are being prepared. It also excels in the undertaking of the social and the environmental sustainability concerns. It helps in the gradual progress of the organization. However, recently the company is facing issues relating to the increased cost of production. It is affecting the client retention rate of the company, which seemed to reduce in the years of its undertakings.  The strategy of pricing that is being undertaken by the concerned company is based on skimming the price in order to make the customers aware if the quality of the products that are being delivered by the company. It affects the revenue structure of the organization through the little incomes that they make through every purchases made by the consumers. On the other hand, it also faces the threat of losing its consumers to the competitors due to their high priced products. The company also undertakes measures in order to understand the varied requirements of the consumers through the market analysis. The geographic target of the company is within 500 meters, which accounts to 45000 estimated people. It helps in determining the size of the undertaking of the business firm. 
SWOT analysis



Ø  Customer oriented approach
Ø  High customer loyalty
Ø  New delicacies being involved in the menu along with the classy ones
Ø  Quality of food is redeemed
Ø  Customer satisfaction through proper service
Ø  Skilled workforce (Sheth and Sisodia 2015)

Ø  Management of  costs in order to serve the objective of the organization
Ø  Lower performance based on the services provided to the consumers
Ø  Rise of the wages and the food price based on the rise in the cost of the goods and resources used by the company in the production process



Ø  Expansion and franchising in the international markets
Ø  Awareness among the consumers
Ø  Proper promotional activities
Ø  Corporate catering services
Ø  Market potentiality

Ø  Rise in the utility expenses
Ø  Wages have gone up by 15%
Ø  Rise in the price of coffee beans and red meats
Ø  Constant fall in the sales

The major competitors of the company, holding the same line of business in the market poses a serious threat to the concerned company. Focaccia Buzz is a competitor of the given company, which offers a varied amount of delicacies to the consumers. It helps the consumers in choosing the right delicacy for them. It gives the competitive advantage to Focaccia. However, the concerned company monitors over the quality of the products and the services and thereby delivers the most required service that helps in maintaining the company in the market.  on the other hand, Zelda’s excel in producing exquisite sandwiches, but they lack proper proficiency in coffee. Therefore, the company could not beat the progress of the concerned company of this report (Grabara 2013). Coffee Mia offers great coffee and other gourmets at a comparative lower cost than the concerned company does. It could have gained the target consumers of the concerned company, but it could not succeed because Coffee Mia does not follow the environment friendly techniques and practices. Therefore, Coffeeville stands out to be the best in the market apart from the rankings of its competitors in the market. it has helped the company in making a difference in the productivity and thereby maintain the situation and goodwill of the company in the market structure (Lee and Carter 2012).   
Service offer
The service that is being offered by the organization depends on the requirements of the consumers. The type of services that are expected from the store is being provided in order to retain the consumers. The business firm also monitors over the services that are being provided and the products that are prepared by the firm based on the needs of the consumers. The company manufactures the most exquisite coffee that the competitors have failed to undertake. On the other hand, the other gourmets and the side dishes prepared by the firm are similarly delicious and quality approved. It helps the organization in understanding the requirements of the consumers based on their individual requirements. The range of services and the quality of the services that are being provided by the organization differs due to the variation in the tastes and preferences of the consumers.
Keys to success
The varied services and the products that are being prepared by the business firm helps in determining the sustainability of the firm in the market. The basic consideration undertaken by the firm is to provide the best quality product in the market. However, the products prepared by the firm are a bit high-priced, but still it justifies the quality of the product that is being delivered by the company (Giacalone and Rosenfeld 2013). The steps taken by the company is based in the consideration of cutting down the costs that is being incurred buy the company while undertaking the production procedure. It will help the company in making the most of the returns on their investments. On the other end, the company can also take its chances of expansion beyond that 500 meter radius. It will result to the increased profitability of the organization in the market.
Marketing strategy
In order to undertake the proper marketing of the products, the firm must undertake steps in order to improve the marketing campaign. It helps in ensuring the proper marketing strategies that helps the company in promoting their product in the best possible manner (Hutt and Speh 2012). The consideration of undertaking the challenge of outnumbering the competitors in the market is being supported through the proper engagement of the firm in the marketing campaigns. It helps in making the people aware of the availability of the product in the market based on the needs of the consumers (Baker 2014). On the other hand, the firm must also undertake the control over the direct and the indirect costs. It will help in maximizing the returns on their investments and thereby maximize the scope of expansion of the business. It helps in the proper undertaking of the business through the understanding of the availability of the resources in the market.
Maintenance of the quality of the products and the services that are being offered by the organization helps in retaining the brand loyalty of the organization in the market (Wilson and Gilligan 2012). Monitoring over the quality of the products and the services helps the company in gaining a competitive advantage over the other existing and new entrant competitors in the market. It also helps in the promotional activities by the word of mouth. It helps in maintaining the most important functions of the management of the organization (Shirey 2013). The establishment of the brand as an environment friendly brand, fully aware of its corporate responsibilities helps in fetching goodwill for the brand. It also helps in the promotional and marketing initiatives undertaken by the brand.
Issues faced by the organization
The issues that are being faced by the organization are based on the revenue structure of the organization. The rise in the costs of production has affected the growth of the company in the market. The most important aspect that has changed along with the scope of expansion is the availability of the products prepared by the organization. It has resulted to the loss of resources by the organization (Lozano 2013). The steps taken by the company are based on the requirements of the organization to ring in the changes in the structure of the organization. The company is also facing a threat due to their constant fall in the sales. It has affected the relative growth of the organization in the market. In the recent years, after its expansion, the company has employed skilled workforce in order to enhance the functioning of the organization. the employment of the skilled workforce has increased the wages thereby affecting the resources of the company. It affects the smooth functioning of the business processes (Armstrong et al. 2015).
Therefore, from the above report it can be stated that the resourcefulness of the organization is based on the involvement of the organization in the functions (Cameron  and Green 2015). The proper functioning of the organization is based on the efficiency on the cost management practices undertaken by the organization. The other factor that the company can undertake is to motivate the undertaking of the efficient marketing campaign in order to understand the varied needs of the consumers and thereby frame their services accordingly (Benn, Dunphy and Griffiths 2014). The most important step that the company could take in order to maintain the brand name and increase the amount of sale is through the proper monitoring over the quality of the products and the services that are being provided by the organization. It helps in maintaining the efficiency of the functions undertaken by the organization. Therefore, from the above-mentioned steps the company can bring in improvements in the structure of the organization (Mader, Scott and Abdul Razak 2013).
Tiny Opera Company
The opera house has certain goals to fulfill in order to gain the sustainability in the structure and the market of the organization (Hayes 2014). On the other hand, its sustenance is based on the requirements of the people looking after the whereabouts of the culture of the opera. The major goal of the opera is to strengthen and educate the communities through the functions undertaken by the opera. It has helped in the sustenance of its functions.  The most important function of evaluation of the duties and the responsibilities of the opera depends on the sustainability functions of the opera (Doppelt 2017). Therefore, the actions taken by the opera helps in determining the sustainable approach of the organization. This segment of the report aims at understanding the different functions undertaken by the opera in order to undertake the sustainable approach.
Implementation plan

The plan is based on the sustainable approach of the organization.

Action required

Associated target




·         Implementation of renewable energy sources
·         Total utilization of available resources (Schaltegger, Lüdeke-Freund and Hansen 2012)

Reduce energy use

Solar power, wind and water-power stations

3-4 weeks

Responsiveness of the usage of the resources

·         Implementation of the proper landfill measures (Loorbach and Wijsman 2013)
·         Differentiating between the toxic wastes and the non-toxic

Reduce environmental wastes

Proper waste management

7-10 weeks

Eco-friendly approach

·         Undertaking training programs
·         Proper training schedules and policies in favor of eco-management (Mone, Pop and Racolta-Paina 2013)

Training and making the employees aware

Training staffs

2 weeks

Making people aware helps in the implementation of the policies


·         Proper record keeping of the steps taken by the organization (Jamil  2013)
·         Monitoring over the actions undertaken by the organization

Record keeping

A record keeper

Life long

Bringing in different aspects of the change undertaken by the organization

Monitoring plan

Outcome of the actions

Person responsible

Key performance



Data collection methods

The implementation of the renewable energy sources helps in conserving the resources that are available in the environment  


To implement the basics of the eco-friendly practices in order to facilitate the proper functioning

The implementation of the plans have helped in ensuring the proper sustainable functions of the organization

The major objective to reduce the usage of the non renewable sources of energy through the utilization of renewable sources (Winter and Knemeyer 2013)

The undertaking of surveys and differentiating between the progresses made in the previous year and the current year. It is also undertaken by the assessments that are undertaken by the organization to understand the levels of awareness among its workforce (Liebowitz 2013).

Proper waste management helps in ensuring a clean environment

Janitorial staff members

The proper implementation of the steps helps in addressing the different issues that are being faced by the organization relating to the changes 

Training programs helps in maintaining the awareness among the workforce. It helps in undertaking the efficient functioning of the workforce based on the policies of the organization (Markard, Raven and Truffer 2012)

Staffs and the trainer

The training of the staffs helps in making them aware of the different issues faced by the environment and thereby helps in decreasing the impacts that are posed by the activities of the visitors on the environment

Recordkeeping helps in keeping a track of the different issuers and the remedies that the management of the organization plans for improving their policies and thereby maintain the sustainable approach (Lang et al.  2012)

Record keeper

Recordkeeping helps in calculating the progress made by the organizations based on the revision of the policies and the other requirements. it helps in the understanding of the key areas where the change is required to be undertaken.

Justification of the actions
The actions that are being planned by the organization helps in the proper undertaking of the steps and the strategies in order to ensure the  proper acceptance of the eco-friendly approach of the organization. The eco-friendly approach helps the organization in maintaining the CSR of the organization. The social responsibility of the organization ranks first while determining the progress of the organization in the market (Epstein and Buhovac 2014). Therefore, the actions taken by the organization relating to the sustainability helps in determining the eco-friendly approach of the organization. The actions relating to the usage of the energy sources helps the organization in minimizing the usage of the non-renewable sources of energy and shifts their requirements to the renewable sources. It helps the organization in maintaining the different factors of sustainability. On the other hand, proper training that the company must take will help in the undertaking of the proper functioning (Bebbington, Unerman and O’Dwyer 2014). The company must also take steps in order to improve the waste management system. It helps in maintaining the cleanliness of the region of action undertaken by the organization. On the other hand, it also refers to the responsibility that the company holds towards the well-being of the community. The recordkeeping will be helping the organization in evaluating the changes and thereby bring in modifications for the profitability and the proper understanding of their progress in terms of their sustainable approach (Wilson et al. 2012).
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