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BSBWOR301 Organise Personal Work Priorities and Development

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BSBWOR301 Organise Personal Work Priorities and Development



1. Outline two goals, objectives or Key Performance Indicators relevant to your current work role.
2. Gaining feedback on work performance is essential.  In relation to work performance, list two ways you can elicit feedback for each performance type in the table below.

Performance type

Feedback from colleagues

Feedback from clients

Individual performance



Work group performance




3. How would you analyse and interpret feedback, to allow you to determine which feedback should be acted upon to improve performance?
4. Complete the table below.


Principles (why you do it)

Techniques (how you do it)

Goal setting



Measuring performance



Time management



Personal assessment of Learning and development needs




5. Complete the table below with five signs of stress and their effect on wellbeing.

Sign of Stress

Effect on well being


6. Explain three common sources of stress in your workplace.
7. Workplace stress can affect an organisation and those who work there.  There are a number of support services available for staff to access.
a. Describe how you can access support to deal with stress. 
b. What support can be offered by your organisation to help resolve work related stress. 
c. Identify an online support option for work related stress, access the website and take a screenshot showing you have accessed some support and the information you have accessed. You must show the actual support offered, not just the home page for the organisation.
8. Explain how you can identify personal learning needs. 
9. Explain how you can prioritise personal learning needs. 
10. Refer to the customer service policy and the customer complaints register contained in BSBWOR301_AE_KN_1of3_SR. In the table below outline two variations in the quality of service and possible solutions.

Variation in Quality Identified

Report Possible Solution

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