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BSS005 Business Practice Explored

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BSS005 Business Practice Explored



Learning Outcomes
1. Demonstrate knowledge of and understanding in a defined range of skills needed to function in both academic and business practice along with self-awareness of your own abilities.
2. Provide a creative and soundly based solution to a predictable business context that requires the use of a specified range of techniques and information sources. Communicate in a manner appropriate to the business context. You are required to audit your personal fitness for a business environment, your knowledge, abilities and skills and your plans for improvement.
In your personal reflection, you are required to evidence how you have developed and used key skills needed to function in both the academic and business contexts, as well as your strengths and where you need to focus your efforts.
In your personal reflection, you may want to consider the following:

Communication skills
Teamworking skills
Interpersonal skills
Numeracy skills
Information and Communications (ICT) skills
Problem Solving
Time management

The list of skills mentioned above is not exhaustive and it is important to remember that such skills underpin your learning and are highly valued by employers.
What do I need to do to pass? ((Threshold Expectations from UIF)
In order to pass Assignment 1 you will need to:
Demonstrate the ability to critically self-appraise and to set sensible personal measurable goals for improvement.

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