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BUS309 Business Ethics

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BUS309 Business Ethics



In addition to the Ferrell textbook, utilize outside sources on the case questions. All sources must be of a scholarly nature; the sources must be either textbooks or journal articles from peer-reviewed journals.
Case Assignment 1 can be found in the Ferrell textbook. The case is Case 1, “Monsanto Attempts to Balance Stakeholder Interests.” The paper must have at least 3 Level 1 headings that correspond to the following case points:
Efficacy of Monsanto’s Ethical Culture.Costs and Benefits of Growing GMO Seed.Management of Harm to Plants and Animals.
1.Does Monsanto maintain an ethical culture that effectively responds to various stakeholders?2.Compare the benefits of growing GM seeds for crops with the potential negative consequences of using them.3.How should Monsanto manage the potential harm to plant and animal life from using products such as Roundup?

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