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Business Challenges

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Business Challenges

One of the challenges facing HRM in the 21st century is changing the perception of the role, scope and purpose of HR and HR Professionals within the workplace. As future managers, HR specialists and employees you have been set the following;
You are expected to design and develop ONE artefact which can be used to educate, inform and change the perceptions of non-HR people about the role and purpose of HR.
You have a choice from the following topics:
1.    The adoption of e-recruitment practices for attracting a wider pool of talent
2.    Using social media as tool for employee voice
3.    Adopting a holistic reward strategy to retain employees
4.    Implementing strategies to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace
5.    Dealing with stress and depression in the workplace
6.    Implementing a strategy to develop emotionally and socially intelligent leaders
7.    Adopting practices to overcome victimization, harassment and discrimination against those who are perceived to be different in terms of sexuality and sexual identity
8.    Adopting a strategy to manage the underperforming employee
9.    ‘Stand up against Pregnancy discrimination at work’ implementing strategies to manage pregnant women in the workplace
10.  Dealing with serious issues in the workplace (choose one issue and focus on this)
The composition of the artefact is as follows, it is split into three areas, you have a choice of;

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