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Business Explanation

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Business Explanation

25% correct execution of a systematic review methodology (either normal systematic or quantitative systematic), including a clear explanation of processes used to conduct the review.  Has the student followed all the basic instructions given?
25%  nature of the review.  Is it a critical review, showing good integration of the literature, comparison and contrasting of the pool of papers identified?  Is the review well organized and structured?
25%  Professional nature of the project.  Are the references accurate?  Is the spelling, grammatical and language elements of the report accurate?  Has the student showed a professional approach to presenting the assignment?
25% Has the Research Question or Research Aim been “clearly identified”, and is it the focus a realistic ‘target’ for a small systematic literature review.   Does the introduction, the findings and the conclusion clearly address the focus of the paper?

Turning to the topic, you can choose from any of the three topics:
1]  Strategic management in non-profit organisations, e.g. charities and NGOs.
2]  The work of non-professional Village doctors (or Palli Chikitshok) in rural Bangladesh.  You can look at this from an economic, ethical, professional, public health or other perspective. Preferably pick one perspective.
3]  Social impact assessment of interventions preferably with a focus on organizational interventions”
Include full references in APA style, both in-text and in a reference list at the end.  Also include in an Appendix the abstracts of all articles cited.

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