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Business Ideas

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Business Ideas



It is a good idea to plan on having the report finished two or three days before the due date to allow time for further refinement and editing. You must follow carefully the report structure and requirements set out below, unless you have (and explain) very good reason for doing otherwise. Title Page In the title page, you should include: Title of the report, e.g. ‘Company X: A Business Strategy Report’. DeakinSync Group number (whether you are a group of one or more). The names and student IDs of all of your group members. Off campus or on campus status. 2. Table of contents Include all of the section headings and subheadings used in your report, together with page numbers. 3. Executive summary (Less than 300 words) This is a summary of the findings of the report in only one page, written as a series of short paragraphs, outlining your key findings and your recommended strategic option. 4. Introduction (Approximately 400 words) This section provides some background and context to your report. Your introduction should include: A brief description of the reasons for undertaking the study, i.e. the value of undertaking a strategy review of the business and how will it be beneficial for the business. An introduction to the business, its industry, and its macro environment, and Any serious limitations or restrictions on the report. 5. Strategic Analysis 5.1 Methods (Approximately 200 words) Provide a brief description of the data collection and analysis used in this section, including an outline of the sources used to gather the data upon which the report is based. Data may be collected from sources within the business (business documents, questionnaires, interviews) and from industry reports, media sources, the internet and database searches. It is important to describe the types and quantity of your data sources so that the reader can evaluate the breadth, quality and validity of the data on which your analysis is based. At least eight data sources should be collected and analysed. . 5.2. External analysis (Approximately 950 words) Conduct a PESTEL analysis of your business’s macro environment, evaluating whether each of the PESTEL factors are positive, neutral, or negative for the industry. Provide an overall evaluation of the impact of these factors on growth and consumer demand in the industry. Identify and explain the two most significant influences in your analysis that are likely to be the main drivers of change in the future. Using Porter’s five forces framework, evaluate and briefly describe two key forces at work in the industry environment of your business. Draw a strategy canvas for your business and for two main rivals (see Figure 2.10 in the text). Describe briefly the three most critical success factors for your business (see pp. 58-59 in the text). The three most critical success factors would be a subset of the total critical factors impacting business Evaluate the influence of innovation on the industry. 5.3. Strategic capability (Approximately 400 words) Apply the ‘VRIO’ criteria to describe, evaluate and describe the strategic capabilities of your business. VRIO matrix is a must. Present a SWOT analysis in table form with an interpretation of the significance of your findings. The SWOT factors should be rated. 5.4 Strategy and culture (Approximately 400 words) Briefly evaluate the relationship between the culture and strategy of the business. Drawing a cultural web of the business may assist with this. Be sure to include elements in the cultural web diagram only which are specific and related to the business. 5.5 Competitive strategy (Approximately 500 words) Identify and describe the most viable competitive strategy for the business. To undertake this task, refer to Figure 6.2 on p. 193 and the relevant discussion. Explain how your chosen competitive strategy enables the business to.

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