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Business Research Design

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Business Research Design



Components Research Proposal 1. Abstract or Summary 2. Introduction ¥ Tells the reader what the research topic is in general terms, why the topic is important, and what to expect in the paper ¥ Covers the statement of the problem, hypothesis, variables and its definitions conceptual or theoretical frameworks, including assumptions, significance and scope of the study ¥ Should funnel from general ideas to the specific topics of the paper 3. Review of Literature 4. Methods ¥ Research Design ¥ Population and Sample ¥ Sampling ¥ Instruments ¥ Data Collection ¥ Data Analysis and Interpretation: any analyses necessary to bolster claims the data are appropriate Some tips: 1) Highlight in bullet form the parts and contents of the research proposal, 2) Ensure that the major parts are properly connected with each other (i.e., hypotheses, variables, instruments and data collection and analysis, etc.)

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