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Business Research Evaluation

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Business Research Evaluation



References: Min 30 references (Harvard Referencing) I’ve attached the lecture slides, assignment info and video for your reference. Below is the summary of the assignment question & the structure outline. Assignment Question Outline: 1) You are required to carry out an in depth investigation into the organisation, with a view to the strategy of Siemens ‘wind power’ division. 2) Using the module content (attached lecture slides), wider reading and your own research, critically evaluate the Siemens ‘renewable energy/wind power’ strategy and advise on its future strategic direction. 3) Other sources of information – Wind Turbine Blades – Humber UK energy estuary map – Siemens Factory – Grimsby Renewables Partnership – Off Shore Wind – Port Strategy – Siemens Wind Energy Structure Outline of the Report: 1) Executive Summary 2) Contents 3) Introduction 4) Main Body (Including Headings) 5) Conclusions 6) Recommendations.

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