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BUSN313 Global And Competitive Strategy

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BUSN313 Global and Competitive Strategy

Topic 1: Strategy, Business Model And Competitive Advantage Key Takeaway:

Strategy contributes to successful performance, both for individuals and for organizations

Strategy evolves over time

Be familiar with some terminologies in strategy: business models, business strategy, competitive advantage, process of strategic making, strategic fit.

Topic 3: Evaluation A Company’s External Environment Key Takeaway:

Many frameworks to do external environmental analysisAnalyze an organization’s external environment (PESTLE, Porter’s 5F).

Analyze competition and customer requirements (Strategic group analysis, Key success factors)

Recognize the uses and limits of each framework

Topic 4: Evaluation A Company’s Resources, Cost Position And Competitive Strength Key Takeaway:

Recognize how resource conditions create perfections in the competitive process that offer opportunities for competitive advantage

Be familiar with some terminologies in strategy: resource based view, VRIN framework, value chain analysis

Topic 5: The Five Generic Competitive Strategies Key Takeaway:

Competitive strategy is about being different. It means deliberately choosing to perform activities differently or to perform different activities than rivals to deliver a unique mix of value. (Michael E. Porter)

Distinguish the two primary types of competitive advantage: cost advantage and differentiation advantage;

Appreciate the pitfalls of being “stuck in the middle” and the challenge of achieving effective differentiation and low cost together.

Topic 6: Strategies Moves, Timing And Scope Of Operations Key Takeaway:

Offensives (Attack):

A tracking the weaknesses of rivals

Offering a better product at lower price

Blue ocean strategy

Defensive (protect):

Introduce new features

Add new model

Grand volume discount

Vertical integration

Forward integration

Backward integration

Topic 7: Strategies For International Markets Key Takeaway:

Global entry options




Foreign subsidiary

Strategic alliances

Joint venture

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