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BUSN3350 Issues And Crisis Management

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BUSN3350 Issues and Crisis Management

In the first instance students need to pick an issue or a crisis from the List of Issues & Crises posted on Blackboard and notify the facilitator. Secondary research should be undertaken utilising a range of sources, including websites, blogs, magazines, and newspaper articles. It is not necessary to consult academic journals. This is an applied assignment that involves analysis of the secondary materials gathered for the task. Material found on Blackboard and in the prescribed textbook relating to theory and concepts will be useful in conducting the analysis.  
Your Report should cover the following, and be structured as follows:
1.0 Introduction. Explain why the issue or crisis topic was chosen, parameters put around the topic, any necessary definitions. Identify an organization affected by the issue or crisis.
2.0 Definition & Lifecycle. Define the topic as either an issue or crisis, scope out the lifecycle of the issue or crisis in chronological order, identifying the stages.
3.0 Stakeholders & Interests. Identify three or four stakeholders (including the chosen organization) with a significant interest/investment in the issue or crisis. Describe their various interests/investments
4.0 Possible Outcomes. Write a ‘wish list’ for each of the stakeholders – what they would ideally like to hear or see happen. imagine and scope out a ‘worst case’ scenario for the issue or crisis.
5.0 Decision Points. Identify three key decision points for the chosen organisation. Consider whether there has been a single critical point (to date) at which the issue or crisis became major.
6.0. Managerial Recommendations. Consider if you were ‘managing’ the issue or crisis for the chosen organization would you have managed it a different way?

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