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BUU44501 Strategic Management

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BUU44501 Strategic Management




Using an industry of your choice and/or a specific geographical market:
(A) Identify and briefly describe the industry and strategic groups within the industry. Who are the major competitors within each strategic group and how do they compete? How competitive is the sector? What are the reasons for such competition(B) Consider the effect of each of the five competitive forces in the firm’s industry. Decide which factors are most relevant to your industry, explain why they’re most relevant, and focus on those. How have these factors influenced any or all of the five competitive forces you analyze?(C) Based on the dynamics of the industry, conduct a SWOT analysis of the company and concentrate on the opportunities and threats facing the firm based on the competitive/industry analysis.(D) Conclude your report with conclusions or recommendations outlining the possible strategic options (min.2) for the firm based on your analysis of the industry.

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