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CNMT210 Change Management

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CNMT210 Change Management




Student is required to prepare a report on the provided Change Management case study.
Students will be provided with a critical thinking case study. You will need to analyse the case study using relevant change management theories and concepts learned during the trimester to identify solutions to the  problems raised in the scenario. It is crucial that a report canvass change management theories relevant to the case study and you apply those theories to inform your answers and/or recommendations.

Discuss and interpret the concepts and theoretical frameworks associated to Change Management
Outline the importance of change in an organisation
Examine how to implement and manage organisational change and innovation issues such as systems thinking, organisational capabilities, and strategic change.
Assess the barriers for change
Design the process of implementing a change program
Apply organisational change theories and approaches to understand real world organisational problems
Evaluate information on organisational change and use this information to solve applied organisational problems.

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