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COMM 1015 Business Communications

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COMM 1015 Business Communications


You are considering purchasing Beekeeper a text messaging service that allows internal customers such as, in-house guests and employees to communicate. Beekeeper is a cutting-edge service tool, and runs from an external website. When making a purchase decision you may need to know specific details regarding cost (including set up and training costs), lead-time (time that will elapse between purchase date and installation/implementation), availability of technical support, and any other details regarding the product.

You found Beekeeper , (www.beekeeper.io/) and have decided to make a detailed enquiry before you make a purchase recommendation to your boss. You will write an information request letter to the business address indicated on their website:

You will be expected to:

1 – Write your letter using the format discussed in class.

2 – Ask your most important question first, in the opening paragraph of your letter.

3 – Explain your request logically, using polite business language.

4 – Ask questions that will contribute to your understanding of the product.   

5 – Close the letter with an expected timeframe for follow-up, and show appreciation.

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