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COMM 405 Communication Law

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COMM 405 Communication Law



Reaction Papers In approximately 2-3 pages, summarize and analyze one of the cases below. Your summary should include the major elements of the case (facts, issue, holding and reasoning). After summarizing the case, provide your critique of the case. What do you believe to be the major strengths of the case? What do you see as its weaknesses? Do you agree or disagree with the case’s holding? Why or why not? The majority of the paper should be your summary. Your critique should be approximately 1-2 paragraphs. Remember that the assignment is to read the case, not a summary of the case. If you use exact language without quotes and a citation, then this is plagiarism. If you rely on sources and do not cite them, this is also plagiarism. You need not summarize concurring or dissenting opinions. Reaction Paper #2 You may summarize one of the following cases: Red Lion v. FCC (1969) OR Miami Herald v. Tornillo (1974)

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