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EED7001 Research Methods In Education

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EED7001 Research Methods in Education

The purpose of this assessment task is to:

• Demonstrate that you understand the key concepts involved in developing a critical literature review

The unit learning outcomes assessed are: 

• Analyse and critique contemporary perspectives and theories related to educational research;
• Explicate the essential elements and processes involved in undertaking quality educational research; 
• Elucidate an understanding of the need for the ethical conduct of research, and an awareness of the processes for applying for ethics approval when undertaking educational research;
• Design a research project; 

In this Assessment Task you are required to produce a literature review which should contain the following:  

• A title, abstract and introduction (overview and background or context for the study);
• A referenced rationale for the study, in which appropriate literature is used to build the case for the research. The rationale will culminate in the research aims and research problem/question(s).

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