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ENGIN3001- Engineering Research Methodology And Management

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ENGIN3001- Engineering Research Methodology and Management


The Research proposal should have the following: 

1.Keywords used in Literature Review

2.Problem Statement

3.Literature Review 

Well referenced using APA style of referencing 

4.Research gaps (list4-5points) 

5.Research Question(s)(1-2paragraphs) 

6.Scope of the Proposed Project

Describe what you intend to achieve. What do we expect to see actually done so we do not hold you accountable for things you haven’t said you were going to do? 

7.Describe the Research Methodology you are going to follow to attain the project objectives. Such as, how will you collect data; what mathematical and physical theories, models and techniques will be used for the project 

8.Prepare a flow chart and provide a project time management plan for executing the project

9.List resources required for the project such as software and computing, lab resources, field site, data etc (up to 200 words) 

10.Identify risks in execution of the project (up to 200 words) 

11.Project Schedule for next semester (use a Gantt chart)

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