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Engineering Ethics

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Engineering Ethics



Submission of your statement is through the subject e-learning site. All submissions will be automatically run through Turnitin. Assignment: This assignment requires you to prepare a personal position statement regarding your understanding of what is meant by the term Engineering Ethics, the need for us to be ‘ethical’ engineers, the main issues we will/are facing with regard to Engineering Ethics, how your personal beliefs and history inform/contradict/assist these and your response to potential solutions to these issues. This statement will be very personal. I do not wish to see subject content/my opinions reflected back at me in your statement. I am looking for the depth at which you have considered issues and how they affect you personally as a global citizen and future engineer working in your chosen field. I am hoping that you will see the value in this exercise beyond mere marks in a subject. Organizing your thoughts and communicating them clearly in this statement will aid you in preparing for difficult decisions once you are out in the work place. These are very important considerations that will impact on your path to a position of influence. This statement has a 1000 word limit – within this limit, ensure that you have clearly conveyed all of your thoughts on the topic. Assessment guide: Your statement will be assessed on two primary criteria: the depth of your statement (i.e. evidence of genuine and personal reflection on the topic of Engineering Ethics) worth 60%; and the clarity of your expression (40%).

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