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ENT10002 Introduction To Innovation

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ENT10002 Introduction to innovation



Question: Learning Outcomes:1. Describe the nature of innovation as a force in entrepreneurship and business    2. Demonstrate key aspects of the innovation process Purpose or Overview The purpose of this assignment is to equip the students with needed critical thinking skills to apply the learned theories and concepts in their future job roles. This will help the students to gain a deeper understanding and to develop new insights and perspectives into creativity and innovation practice in organizational context. This assessment deliver, the 1st and 2nd unit level outcomes mentioned above. Further, this critical reflection helps improving students’ communications skills. Assignment instructions Design thinking is a wider framework approach to creativity and innovation. Innovation often starts with identifying solutions to challenges we face in our day to day life. Human-centred designers need to understand people for whom they are designing when they attempt to solve a problem. Below are two options for you to propose an approach to look for solutions based on design thinking process. Option 1: Various news items, research reports and discussions have revealed the followings as some of the challenges that the international students face in Australia (ABC Education, 2018; Wilks, J., 2019). Looking after their mental health Communicating with others in English and understanding Australian accent Finding part-time job opportunities which help sharing, hanging out, meeting new people in addition to earning money. Difficulty in adjusting to the culture Feeling unsafe outside the university Option 2: In recent times, the Covid19 virus has created particular challenges for students from China and elsewhere for Universities in Australia (Zigura & Tran, 2020). Considering the ongoing challenges and issues, we can explore ways in which Australian Universities such as Swinburne can better handle pandemics, assuming similar responses to the current outbreak by Australian and other governments. Some responses that have so far been implemented in this outbreak are illustrated by Zhou (2020a), Zhou (2020b), Lau & Ross (2020). You are required to: Select one of the above options. If you select option 1 as your preference, select only one sub-challenge from 1 to 5. Assume that you are an adviser to the International Division of Swinburne University of Technology. Propose the division the way to look for solutions to solve the selected problem using Design Thinking. This assignment is a plan for design thinking-based problem solving. You do not have to solve the problem. This is about the process you would use to explore and solve the problem. Summarize the steps in the design thinking process that are relevant to solving this problem. Suggest a ‘method’ or tool, process or approach at each step as appropriate based on what you learned in the class and prescribed readings in the unit. Suggest who would want to involve or engage of solving this problem.

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