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ENT101 Introduction To Entrepreneurship

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ENT101 Introduction to Entrepreneurship



Context”He who fails to plan, plans to fail.” This sayinghas been attributed to several people in history including American President Benjamin Franklyn,British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, among others.Regardless of its author, the sayingexplains the importance of takingwhat you have learned about yourself in the business/entrepreneurial context, and buildinga plan to be successful in these situations in thefuture. A plan is about taking action in achievable and measurable steps. But,having prepared a plan, how do you know if it is sound? Who in your trusted professional networks would review it and giveyou honest and critical feedback? This assessment requires you to prepare aprofessionaldevelopmentplantaking into account theself-analysis you conducted in your professional capability assessment(assessment 3). In developing your developmentplan, you are required to identify professionalnetworks and/or trusted mentors who willprovide you with valuable critical feedback. Instructions:To develop your developmentplan, you must meetthe following requirements:1.Title of your professionaldevelopmentplan. Describe the main focus of your plan in your own words, e.g. ‘This plan is designed to develop my goals, methods and Key Performance Indicators for my professionaldevelopment as an entrepreneur’. ENT101 Assessment 4 BriefPage 2of 42.Identifythe ‘5 achievable and measurable steps’in your professionaldevelopmentplan, as covered in modules 5.2and 6.2.3.Present your 5 stepsin a table or adiagram.You may use the professionaldevelopmentplan example template providedin the assessment resourcesin Blackboard, ordevelop your own to cover the same 5steps. 4.Identify 1SMARTT Goalfor each step, and outline the personal challenges each goal will address.5.Specify the methods you will use to achieve your identified goals.Provide a minimum of 1method per goal.6.Propose your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that willshow how you intend to evaluate your progress inachieving your goals.Provide a minimum of 1 KPI per goal.7.Identify at least 2professional networks/specific mentorswho couldreview your plan and provide feedba

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