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Enterprise Leadership

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Enterprise Leadership

“Examining the roles carried out by leaders contributes to an understanding of what leadership is.  A general view of what leaders do states that they focus attention through a compelling vision; communicate meaning to followers; develop trust through reliability and integrity; and manage themselves through self-awareness and positive self-regard” (Dalglish and Miller 2016 p.19).
You are to discuss this statement by undertaking research of three current enterprise leaders in Australia.

All criteria of the essay marking guide forms part of this essay and must be complied with.

Further Submission requirements:

•    You are required to present an essay which complies with good essay structure.

•    The List of References will appear on a separate page at the back of your essay.  References will be listed alphabetically.  Harvard style referencing applies.
•    Harvard style in-text citation acknowledging your sources of information is mandatory. Ensure you state the page number in the in-text citation.  This indicates where the information is located in the scholarly resource.
•    The word count does NOT include the List of References.
You must NOT use Wikipedia or any other non-scholarly online encyclopaedia, blog site, self-help site, answer guide etc as research for this assignment.


Go through the essay writing process by analysing the question, brainstorming, research and reading, note-taking and organising your information, write an essay plan, draft and re-draft, write and then proofread your final draft.  Read and understand the marking criteria.  Seek advice from your tutor when necessary and consider the services of The College Learning Centre and/or  Your Tutor to facilitate your completion of this assignment.

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