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Global Communications

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Global Communications



What is meant by the term ‘global communications’, and what are the benefits and drawbacks that exist as a consequence of its spread? Illustrate your points using a case study and/or specific concrete (not hypothetical), linked examples. You should discuss some of the relevant history of the emergence of global communications in your answer. Follow these guidelines: Your essay should take a scholarly approach, with a theoretical framework and evidence from at least 10 academic sources: that is, peer-reviewed journal articles and/or chapters from researched books. The sources should be a mix of readings from this unit and further research you have conducted into secondary sources. In addition, you should refer to media sources such as newspaper articles and broadcast news reports. Remember that examples and media sources must be cited and referenced in the same way as other information. You are expected to use at least 3 media sources. Note that you are not analysing the topic of the media sources itself, but the way it has been communicated by media and the significance of this. Keep descriptions of examples to a minimum and concentrate on your analysis in regard to the question. When considering the history of your topic, don’t resort to long chronological explanations. Instead, you should describe events briefly, then consider their significiance to your argument as part of your analysis.

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