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GSB014 Management

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GSB014 Management



Task: Task description  Complete your assessment based on the Catanza Technologies Case Study provided below.  Question 1   You have been engaged as a consultant to your organisation’s Catanza executive to consider the information presented. You are asked to apply decision analysis techniques to the decision problem facing your organisation/Catanza Technologies and advise the company on their outcome options and recommended course/s of action. Clearly state any assumptions you have made.   Question 2   Discuss in detail the strengths and limitations of your analysis in the context of the problem faced by your organisation/Catanza Technlogies.  Your discussion of limitations should include consideration of potential biases, heuristics or other considerations that may have been used or applied by your organisation/Catanza and its staff.   Make specific recommendations for other information or investigations that would be needed to improve your analysis.  Assessment Submission Requirements:   Produce a report addressing the 2 questions – text, illustrations, diagrams and calculations – supported by reference to the sources of information and theoretical frameworks of understanding.

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