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HD6T 46 Communication In Care Relationships

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HD6T 46 Communication in Care Relationships




1.Explain the importance of clear communication with individuals in social services settings.Investigate four different communication methods.
2.You must choose four communication methods from the range below.

Verbal and vocabulary used
Linguistic tone
Non-verbal communication, including eye contact
Physical gestures
Body language
British sign language
Finger spelling
Pictures and symbols
Technological aids
Human aids, eg interpreters, translators
Using objects that have special meaning
Observation of behaviour

Identify when and how to seek advice from others.

Identify two ways that promote active participation when supporting the individual to communicate.

Explain the meaning of person-centred working and the importance of individuals’ cultural and language context.

Explain one way to support the needs of the individual to be able to communicate their views, wishes and preferences.

Explain why it is important to give individuals enough time to communicate and to check that you and the individual have understood each other.

During your investigation you should try to gather information from different sources. You should try to use different types of information, such as:

speaking with people who work in social services settings
information taken from books, leaflets and the internet
web based resources.

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