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Health Promotion Among the Elderly Patients

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Health Promotion Among the Elderly Patients

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Subject: Geriatrics

When patients reach an older age, it is essential to instruct them on the interventions that will be comprehensive and will allow them to maintain a high a standard of living as possible. Older adults become susceptible to contagion, and their health status becomes lower (Lee & Ory, 2013). It happens due to immune changes that can be reduced through appropriate vaccination, physical activity, and nutrition. The list of 12 interventions will allow reducing hospitalizations and enabling productivity:

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The key vaccines for older adults include seasonal or annual influenza, pneumococcal, Herpes zoster, Hepatitis B, and Diphtheria vaccinations. In terms of Pneumococcal vaccination, it includes Strep pneumonia and polysaccharide. Physical activity is essential. Half an hour of exercise daily would ensure maintaining strength, balance, and flexibility. If the condition does not allow exercising, it is advisable to spend a couple of hours brisk walking (Lee & Ory, 2013). Brisk walking is an effective method of aerobic exercise. Such activities as gardening, dancing, swimming, and other active occupations can also be considered physical exercising. It is crucial to perform muscle-strengthening activities up to several times per week. The length and intensity should be determined by the physical condition. To achieve energy equilibrium a balanced diet is essential. Saturated fats should be excluded. Also, it is advisable to avoid consuming trans-fatty acids. It is highly advisable to eat fruits and vegetables daily. Besides, whole grains and nuts should be included in the ration. To maintain mental health, a person should consume B group vitamins and glucose (Lee & Ory, 2013). Joining mental activities such as playing games (for instance, Scrabble), attending foreign language courses, and using memory triggers will ensure mental health and sufficient memory. Socialization is also necessary to maintain health, good memory and avoid depressive moods. Joining social groups and local organizations would be helpful to find out what senior activities are available in the area. References Lee, W., & Ory, M. (2013). The engagement in physical activity for middle-aged and older adults with multiple chronic conditions: Findings from a community health assessment. Journal of Aging Research, 1-8.

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