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HIST262 Money And Power In The Western World

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HIST262 Money and Power in the Western World




Requires students to demonstrate a mastery of unit materials and content and apply analytical skills to understand how time,place, politics and context have shaped debates about human rights around the world.
Communicate clearly in written and/or oral form, in a style appropriate to a specified audience Locate, use and appropriately reference a variety of primary and secondary materials relevant to money and power to develop an evidence-based historical narrative or argument Critically engage with a range of textual, economic or statistical resources on the history of money and power and be familiar with the methods historians have used to research them
Interpret and reflect on key ethical and historical debates relating to money and power over time Communicate clearly in written form using appropriate and scholarly writing, referencing and presentation Ability to locate and use primary and secondary materials appropriate to studies of Money and Power in a historical context.
Proficiency in applying critical reading skills to your understanding of Money and Power and the methods historians Ability to interpret and reflect on key ethical and historical debates relating to money and power over time.

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