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HTL303 The Leadership Experience

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HTL303 The Leadership Experience

Learning Outcomes
This assessment addresses the following subject learning outcomes:

a) Evaluate the full meaning of leadership, leadership potential in oneself and others.

b) Review critically historical and contemporary leadership approaches and apply them to the practice of leadership.

c) Apply leadership communication (listening skills; discussion; persuasion; and negotiation) to specific work scenarios


This is an opportunity for you to further develop the understanding of what makes a leader effective by undertaking self- assessment and self-reflection and presenting in a leadership development plan.

To establish empirical benchmarks students are to undertake at least four (4) leadership self-assessment tests. Students may choose from any of the following leadership selfassessment tests that have been provided as part of the subject’s Pre-tutorial activities: 

From these two activities, students are to identify and justify 3 leadership areas for your Leadership Development Plan. The Leadership Development Plan will include the 3 leadership areas you have identified, justifying why you picked these areas and then what you will do to develop these. This includes showing your timeframes, specific actions/activities and measures of success. The Leadership Development Plan should be presented in a table to organise responses in a clear way and present it in a way that is easy to understand.
1. Objectives (what do you want to improve?)
2. Goals (what are the ways you are going to achieve the objectives? – there may be more than one goal for each objective)
3. How (what are the specific actions you plan to take to achieve each goal?)
4. When (when do you plan to complete each goal?)

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