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Identifying Management

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Identifying Management



 Identifying management strengths and weaknesses that need to be developed Learning outcomes assessed:  LOs 1,4 How to submit:urnitin Weeks 4 Friday 5 pm Return of assignment: Turnitin oral comment and mark Assessment criteria: Refer Appendix A Complete three of the self -assessment tests listed below and identify three areas where you need to develop your skills for future management and leadership. Include three business references (Harvard) and submit an essay of 1000 words (12 point Times New Roman, double spacing) describing (1)   why the skills are important to business. (2) where you could access mentoring to learn to develop the skills (3) what you can do during your degree to help you with these skills The self-tests are: Chapter 1.5 Skills of Effective Managers Chapter 2.2 Managerial Assumptions Chapter 4.5 Global Readiness Index Chapter 8.3 Time Management Profile Chapter 13.4 Emotional Intelligence Chapter 14.4 Assertiveness Chapter 15.5 Work Engagement Survey Chapter 17.5 Team Leader Skills

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