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IKC101 Indigenous Australian Cultures- Histories And Contemporary Realities

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IKC101 Indigenous Australian Cultures, Histories and Contemporary Realities


For this task you will take the role of an individual applying to lead the project described for the organisation you have selected from the options below:

Uniting Burnside “offers a range of short and long-term care options for young people, including foster care, guardianship and adoption.”

Our organisation is recruiting a lead project officer to expand our services into Western NSW. The project will recruit and support carers and staff throughout the region to provide tailored support to children and young people in Out-Of-Home Care.

We are recruiting a project manager to lead this initiative.


You are submitting an Expression of Interest (EOI) to lead the selected project connected to the organisation you have chosen. You are required to explain your professional philosophy and demonstrate an understanding of the historical and institutional influences on the field in which the organisation operates.  A critical part of the project is to work with local Indigenous community or groups to build connections to interpret and respond to their needs. 

You will complete an EOI – Project Manager in two sections. 

1. Describe the social, institutional, and historical factors relevant to the project. Explain the relevant ethical issues.

2. What principles will you apply to establish and build collaborative partnerships with Indigenous community representatives or groups?

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