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Instant Heart Rate Mobile Health App: Patient Guide

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Instant Heart Rate Mobile Health App: Patient Guide

Words: 271

Subject: Health IT

Table of Contents Scenario for Mr. Richards mHealth Application Teaching Evaluation References Scenario for Mr. Richards Mr. Richards is a 35-year-old male diagnosed with high blood pressure He did not feel well during the past week due to his blood pressure, so he went to a hospital He works as a financial analyst at a large international company (stressful job) He cannot use his blood pressure monitor at work and seeks for a more convenient device to use He believes that a mobile application would help him monitor his heart rate better mHealth Application Name: Instant Heart Rate (Azumio) Purpose: To monitor heart rate during rest, exercise, etc. Audience: Athletes, people with low/high blood pressure Mobile Device: Smartphones, tablets (Apple, Android, Windows) Location: App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Teaching User-friendly interface; a finger is placed on a camera to analyze heart rate Features: View of the pulse wave, use of tags, use of notes if necessary Usability: the device requires a phone camera (better equipped with a flashlight) to function (Instant Heart Rate, n.d.) Patient can track down their progress (e.g., at a gym or during jogging/cardio session) Heart rate can be monitored and compared using heart rate history (time and date available) (Instant Heart Rate, n.d.) Evaluation Patient can independently control heart rate if feeling unwell or during exercise The app is easy to use, suitable for adolescents and elderly (patient’s family can monitor data with the help of the sharing option) (Lee, n.d.) Notes will remind the patient why his heart rate changed The app allows a quick tracking of the heart rate during an emergency if the BP monitor is not nearby Can potentially prevent/indicate a serious heart problem References Instant Heart Rate (n.d.). The first, fastest, and most accurate mobile heart rate monitor. Web.

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Lee, A. (n.d.). Tech review: Instant Heart Rate app by Azumio. Web.

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