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ISYS2007 Relational Database

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ISYS2007 Relational Database

Brief Description

Design, implement and test a relational database from the described case/scenario – Entertain Me Anytime

Group Assignment

For this assignment, you are expected to work in groups of four. Each group will be assigned a group-user account on the Oracle ApEx. Group username/password details will be confirmed in class and via an email to the group collectively. Group members are expected to contribute equally to each of the four major tasks involved in the assignment – since the assessment is designed to prepare you for your final End-of-Semester-Assessment (EoSA) where you will individually design, implement and test a relational database from a new described case. 

SQL Implementation

A quarter of your assignment’s marks will be gained by the SQL you use to implement your designed database.

Create Table SQL Syntax 

Write SQL statements to implement your design (i.e., table creation). You will be creating your database in anOracle environment, so the Bordoloi & Bock PDF chapters should become your most-important-text. You will findthem extremely helpful. You may also use the BB Discussion Forums to paste SQL you’re having trouble implementing. Don’t be afraid of students ‘stealing’ your work. Each group will gradually commit to their own way of seeing the problem and how it looks in a database – even if it’s not working! Solving problems on the discussion forums is a highly effective way to learn from each other’s successes and non-successes

Write SQL scripts to provide the functionality required to fulfil the following business and or information processing requirements of your designed database. Include comments with your scripts informing who wrote it (or parts of it) and its purpose, as well as any issues you encountered or problems you had to solve.

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