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LEAD 601 Leadership And Professionalism

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LEAD 601 Leadership and Professionalism



In this assignment you will be required to research one of the theories/topics from the list below and provide a summary. Then you will analyze that theory/topic in terms of your life and leadership journey. The purpose of this assignment is to help you learn more about a particular theory/topic and relate it to your life for personal and professional development.
Part AStudent has incorporated a minimum of 2 sources from peer-reviewed journal articles. More of these types of sources will increase the grade in this section. Student has included the critical aspects of her/his theory/topic, which has presented a thorough understanding of the theory/topic. Critical aspects could include what it is, key components, what it says about leadership, why it is important, what research shows about the implementation of that theory,benefits, etc.
Part BStudent has answered if she/he has and/or does utilize this theory/topic in her/his life. If so, specific examples were provided. If you do not use it in your life, discuss why that is. Student has discussed if she/he plans to integrate this theory/topic into her/hisleadership approach in the future. A detailed explanation has been provided. Student has provided a thorough discussion about how her/his theory/topic relates to her/his life.

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