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LSME601 Leadership: Theory And Practice

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LSME601 Leadership: Theory and Practice




Assignment 1
During the post-pandemic world, Companies emerging from the crisis are realizing that they need to prepare, including workforces that require new capabilities to face the digital and environmental future. Industries should develop the talent and knowledge they need. To flourish during and after the pandemic, companies need a new set of skills, including social and emotional, advanced cognitive, and digital capabilities Using the article as reference below and other relevant literature, respond to the following assignment 1
Assignment Task
In an organisation of your choice or preferably the one you are working for, assess the changing perspectives and challenges faced by leadership for the post-pandemic period. Then analyse the importance of demonstrating responsible leadership during the post-pandemic period.
Case Study: the case study for assignment one is extracted from:
Preparing for the post-pandemic world from https://www.fm-magazine.com/news/2020/may/how-leaders-can-prepare-for-post-coronavirus-world.html by Samantha White
Questions to consider include:

How did business-critical systems hold up? Could staff gain required access? Were any of these systems exposed to undue risk?

How effectively were people able to work from home? Are changes necessary to support more effective working from home? Do performance metrics and disciplinary oversight mechanisms need to change as more people work from home more often?

What have individuals learned about themselves and their working patterns? Is training or equipment needed?

Which aspects of the company’s culture have been difficult to replicate with everyone working away from the office environment (for example trust, autonomy, ownership, collaboration)?

Which activities or processes should be taken forward into the post-pandemic era, and which are no longer relevant or beneficial? Should the company continue business it switched to during the pandemic in pursuit of new revenue streams?

The lessons captured should be shared on a learning hub or other platform to provide important insights into how businesses approach change in the future, Brodie said. Findings that require significant action could be added to the audit committee agenda to follow up, he suggested.
Assignment 2:
Use a case study in a business setting to explain and evaluate the application of the ‘authentic leadership’ model to a change process where stakeholders were encouraged to follow the leaders. Using the same context, evaluate the role of transformational leadership in the change process.

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