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LUBS5911M Dissertation

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lUBS5911M Dissertation



How can hydroponics help uk move towards a sustainable future (self-sufficient in terms of food production instead of importing) ? According to the British Retail Consortium (BRC), around 30% of all food consumed in the UK comes from the European Union. Nearly half of Britain’s fresh vegetables and the majority of its fruit are imported from the EU, which was the source of the possible problem. The UK can grow enough of its produce during the summer months, such as lettuces and soft berries like raspberries and strawberries, but when the weather turns cooler, the UK is obliged to rely considerably more on EU imports. For example, the UK imports 90 per cent of its lettuce needs from the EU in January. In June, though, Britain generates 95% of its salad greens. Tomatoes have a similar growth process. The UK imports 85 per cent of its tomatoes from the European Union in January, but by summer, it is growing 60 per cent of what the country requires.   Hydroponics allows you to grow whatever you want, whenever you want, regardless of the season. As a result, the output rate increases, and the country becomes self-sufficient without relying on other countries. As a result, if the product is manufactured locally, the price can be reduced. As a sustainable enterprise, this might increase foreign direct investment in the hydroponics sector. Few international corporations have already invested in hydroponic farms in the united kingdom.   Vertical hydroponics has boosted the feasibility of vertical hydroponic farms, increasing the number of UK-based start-ups and local jobs. As a result, the raw materials required for the farms must be imported or produced locally, which creates cash. The amount of money invested in companies that can produce the raw material will increase. This may encourage international corporations to invest more in the United Kingdom. Structure Introduction Context about this sector Dependency that uk has on fresh vegetables and fruits And hydroponics might be a way for them to have a sustainable supply Different European countries like Netherlands and others are working for many years and they have developed a sector and uk is still learning how to do it Dutch growers who had partnered with the UK’s largest privately owned fresh produce supplier (Fresca). Growers from the Netherlands contributed their glasshouse expertise, while Fresca offered the land and infrastructure. Fresca (Thanet Earth) and the Dutch growers control half of Thanet Earth Marketing. The knowledge has been invested by Dutch growers, and the money has been invested by Fresca. Investigate How uk reach independence and how uk can be attractive for those foreign firms to invest or partner with Research question : Research objective : 1.To find out how the British firms are partnering with other firms 2. Understand how the government is investing 3. 4. Literature review: Strategic partnership Strategic alliance Methodology It’s a case study Using primary and secondary sources Interviews ( Thanet employees and dutch growers) Data analysis Conclusion * Interviews transcripts must be in the appendix. * knowledge transfer between Thanet earth and dutch growers.

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