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MAN6302 Managing Project Quality

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MAN6302 Managing Project Quality

Before starting this assessment, you should have engaged with the weekly material from all modules and have understood and acted on any feedback from previous unit assessments. This is not a group assignment. It is an individual assignment to be completed by yourself. 
Assignment Questions
Case Study 1. The Sydney Opera House is a significant project that took place in Australia but the quality and success of the project outcomes and deliverables has been questioned in the past. Watch the Panopto presentation here which discusses some of the details of the project delivery. You should start by watching the video before conducting research on the project and review any additional, related resources available, such as the project information available online to begin to understand the complexity of the Sydney Opera House project, and to highlight possible quality issues. Using current PMBOK 6 Quality Management theory, map out, identify and link each theoretical component of the project quality management process with THREE, significant, quality management failures in the Sydney Opera House project. Then, make
recommendations to address any shortcomings in the form of a lessons learned report.

Case Study 2. Create a Panopto video recording You are the Project Manager of the new Edith Cowan University, Perth City, CBD campus. A summary of the project is available here. You are presenting an overview of project quality to your project team. The focus should be on THREE quality aspects of the projects that you have identified, and suggest ways of measuring conformance with quality standards. You are encouraged to treat this as a real presentation, to learn your material and to present it confidently and professionally.

Case Study 3. This case study focuses on your study activities in MAN6302 during this semester. Reflect on your learning progress for the unit during the semester. Explain how you approached the workshop activities, the assignments, and how you dealt with the new concepts that you were required to learn.

Part A – This ‘reflective’ case study should answer the following questions:

1. What assignment quality preparation issues did you face before, during and towards the end of the semester and how did you manage them? Discuss the link between these issues and managing a real workplace project by making reference to quality management theory.

2. Referring specifically to (a) feedback received in Assignment 1 in MAN6302, plus (b) the grade received for the assignment, explain the relevance and level of influence that quality pioneer Joseph Juran had on the contemporary project quality management environment, and identify what lessons learned you could apply to improving the quality of future study activities.

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