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MBA661 Gendered Workplace Environments

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MBA661 Gendered Workplace Environments

Write a self-reflection. It will have two components:
a. Self-reflect on your Week 12 case study project workshop.

b. Self-reflect on the subject in total and how you have related to its content.
Assessment Description
Throughout the subject, you have followed a set weekly pattern of synthesising gender equality terminology, three world events, a law that improved gender equality, and a Case Study Subject’s lived workplace experience. Now it is your turn to do the same in week 12 as a team project. As a team, you will be creating /selecting your own terminology, law, world events and Case Study Subject to plan for the future of gender equality in the workplace. You will be using the past and present information from the subject to help you plan for the future. In doing so, you will directly achieve Learning Outcome 3: ‘Use past and current theories and events to plan for the future of women’s experiences within gendered workplace environments in a global context’. You will achieve LO3 by achieving LO5: ‘Collaborate with peers to synthesise theories, data and opinions’. Finally, you will self-reflect on what you have learned and achieved during the subject and in your week 12 workshop, thereby achieving LO4: ‘Reflect on how the subject’s learning experiences have challenged or confirmed personal beliefs and assumptions regarding gender equality’.

You will complete your project:

1.Imagine a law, existing or new, that you would introduce into a city/country of your choice.

2. Explain what gender equality issue it would address.

3. Choose a Case Study Subject, existing or imagined, and explore how that law would positively affect her workplace experience.

4. What effects would it have on her colleagues, male and female?
5. In what ways could it affect her home life?

6. What macro societal events, existing or created, may allow, or restrict its success?

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